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Tenantry takes to the skies!
New drone pictures of Horse Trials layout which were kindly taken by Sheila Robertson ...



For the last sixty years, the management of this farm has been split between running both an efficient and profitable business and also caring for the landscape, wildlife, and soils, within the historical grounds of Iron Age, Celtic, and Roman settlements.


We have planted forty acres of woodland and ten miles of hedges, and we have also been involved with numerous research projects for the conservation of wildlife.


At present, we are taking part in the biggest "Conservation Cluster" that has ever been organised.

For over twenty years we have been fortunate enough to be able to share our wonderland of English countryside with you, the public, and we are so proud to provide facilities for riding, walking, camping, music, equine, and endurance events.


We so enjoy seeing your wonderful "smiley" faces of all ages, enjoying all of our facilities and our beautiful countryside!

We so very much look forward to welcoming you to Tenantry - the home of the renowned Rockbourne Ride!